March 4, 2022

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Berlin, Germany. April 2022.

Ineke Hans gives industrially designed furniture a circular life with the Dutch brand Circuform and relaunches her award-winning design from 2011.

Founded by Sander van Doorn, Circuform is a new company that gives industrially designed furniture a circular life: to minimise the use of expensive new raw materials and to maximise reuse.

The result is REX.

The design has constructively been worked out as intended.

The injection molds are re-engineered for recycled material, the chair is sustainable and fully recyclable.

REX is designed for office, healthcare, education, hospitality, and domestic use.

The production has the lowest possible ecological impact.

REX is for instance made from recycled PA6 from office chair components, fishing nets, carpets and also industrial waste.

Plastic is a special material, but in the contract market – how much preferred to be otherwise – furniture is regularly used for short periods, for example in pop-up offices, or because circumstances change.

Circuform takes plastic back.

REX chair by Ineke Hans

REX is the first Dutch deposit chair and can always be returned at local Circuform collection points for a guaranteed € 20,00 refund.

Returned deposit chairs are checked, cleaned, repaired when necessary and re-sold, again with a deposit. Broken chairs are shredded into valuable raw material for new production.

Project: REX Chair
Designers: Ineke Hans
Manufacturer: Circuform BV

Artikel in Global Design News:

Ineke Hans relaunches her sustainable 2011 REX chair for Circuform—the first Dutch deposit chair with a circular life and a guaranteed €20 recycled refund - Global Design News

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